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DG Driveway Cleaning

Whether your maintaining, selling your home or looking to completely improve the quality of your property DG Driveway Cleaning provides a high standard service that won't disappoint.

Fed up of moss, algae, lichen and weeds that grows and festers on your property? Seeing the weeds and grass grow inbetween your block paving? Or the dirt and grime that builds up on your driveways and patios?

DG Driveway Cleaning offers the best in high pressure washing services. We use a high performance industrial pressure washers with high end equipment to ensure the best results everytime. 

We specialise in cleaning, sealing and restoring all types of driveways, patios, deckings and roofs.

Undertaking Domestic & Commercial work. 

What can DG Driveway Cleaning offer you?

We can :-

- Fully rid your driveway, patio, decking of moss, algae, lichen, dirt and grime

- Imprinted concrete and restoration 

- Re-sand block paving and sealing 

- Tarmac cleaning and restoration

- Patio Sealing 

- Moss and weed killing

- Roof cleaning, removing moss, algae, lichens, dirt and grime

- 100% customer satisfaction with friendly service

What we can do for your business?

We can:-

- Clean walk ways, paths, pavements, etc

- Play areas, communal areas

- Car Parks

- Any other requests 

Driveway Cleaning And Restorations

The Detailed process of the driveway cleaning and restorations.

Tarmac Cleaning and Restoration 

What is Tarmac cleaning and Restoration? 

The service we provide is as follows, we can clean and ride any moss on your driveway with our pressure washing system. If your driveway has cracks and holes we can repair these by laying a cold lay tarmac down after the clean. As soon as the cold lay tarmac is down we apply 2 coats of Tarmaseal. What is Tarmaseal? Smartseal's Tarmac sealer is a Tarmac restorer designed to rejuvenate and transform tired tarmac. Tarmaseal is far superior to a tarmac paint, the colour options are black and red. This is a great and cost affective alternative to a driveway replacement. 

Imprinted Concrete Cleaning and Restoration

What is Imprinted Concrete Cleaning and Restoration?

When imprinted concrete, after years of wear, the colour will eventually rub down to the concrete, leaving some areas with colour coating and others showing the dull concrete. We clean the driveway, and coat the imprinted concrete with smart seals concrete sealer. We apply 2-4 coats depending on how worn down the driveway is. If the colour is faded we apply a colour tint that will completely restore the colour back to the concrete, bringing back its original life and colour. The sealant comes in either; matt, silk or gloss finish. A optional anti slip substance can be added to the sealant if required. 

Block Paving Cleaning, Sanding and Sealing 

Block paving is the most popular of driveways. We clean the block paving, taking all the dirt, moss, and weeds that grow in between the blocks, and then treated with a weed killer. We leave the driveway for the next dry day, re sanding the paving with normal kiln dried sand or the option to have weed kill treated kiln dried sand. Next we apply 2 coats of smart seals block paving sealer, the option of a matt, silk or glass finish is given.

See Our Work

After cleaning a block paving drive, here we will show you sanding and sealing the block paving. How its done, and what the results are after!

Before and after cleaning a driveway that has mud, grass and moss growing out of each gap of the paving. 

Cleaning a tarmac driveway. Removing heavy amounts of moss and leaving it spotless. 

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